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The details for the next play audition is as follows:

In Praise of Love by Terence Rattigan

Audition Date: Friday 16 March 2018 - 7.30pm
Venue: Seaford Little Theatre
Production dates: 27 July - 4 August 2018

This production is dedicated in loving memory to Cathryn Parker

Director: Margaret Kennedy

The play is set in 1973, in a small flat in Islington, the home of Sebastian and Lydia Cruttwell. Sebastian was a once-promising novelist, now a critic with Marxist sympathies. His sardonic indifference is tolerated amicably by Lydia, an Estonian refugee, whom Sebastian married after the war to secure her a British passport, and whom he seems absent-mindedly to have neglected to divorce .ever since. But Lydia is dying: she has been diagnosed with advanced polyarteritis, and, despite her doctor's encouraging and false medical reports, she has discovered that she is unlikely to live more than a year. She confides this to a family friend, Mark Walters, a succesful author of power-mad, randy heroes, but, wanting to spare him anxiety, not to Sebastian. When Sebastian fails to appear to watch a television play written by their Liberal son, Joey, this particularly enrages Lydia, who had just managed to secure a precarious rapprochement between negligent father and resentful son. Sebastian is forced to admit to Mark that he knows all about the illness, and has been keeping Lydia in a state of what he believes to be sublime ignorance. Being told of the diagnosis has made Sebastian realise how much he loves his wife, though the need to persuade her that everything is normal has forced him painfully to continue a subterfuge of cantankerous off-handedness. Mark caught between the loyalties of his old friend and the woman he has always loved, points Lydia towards the truth. Lydia astonished by the revelation that Sebastian knows, and by the implication that he loves her, leaves Sebastian and Joey to work through their differences over a game of chess.


suffering physical and mental exhaustion, which she covers up for her husband and son.

SEBASTIAN apparently self-centred and indifferent.
MARK the exact opposite of his heroes, mild expression and weedy physique.
JOEY neat long hair, sober hued clothes - a Liberal.

Scripts are available from the the theatre (Coffee lounge) during the run of A Slight Hangover and thereafter. Please read, copy any passages you require and return so that other people can access a script.

Alternatively the audition pieces only can be downloaded as pdf's for printing by clicking here: AUDITION


Page13 from Mark: "And he doesn't know a thing?"
Page 17, ½ way down, Mark: "Yes, I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad you've got somebody around."


Page 36, ½ way down, Joey: "Are you sure Dad hasn't forgotten?"
Page 40, ¼ way down, Joey: "Mum. I'm sorry. I can't stay on. It just isn't possible."


Page 47, ¼ way down, Mark: "So that's the something that happened to you after lunch."
Page 51, ¼ way down, Sebastian: " I'll never review that man Shakespeare again."

Rehearsals will start immediately following the end of The 39 Steps, Mondays and Thursdays and maybe a Sunday nearer the end, if needed.

If you are interested but unable to attend the audition date, please contact us so that we can arrange an alternative. If you are able to help behind the scenes, we would also be very pleased to hear from you.

Margaret Kennedy

TELEPHONE: 01323 894938




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