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The details for the next play auditions are as follows:

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

Audition Date: Friday 29 March 2024 - 7.30pm
Venue: Seaford Little Theatre
Production dates: 6 - 14 September 2024

Director: David Parton

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, premiered in 1879 and the effect it had on a very conservative audience was explosive.
Nora is very happily married to Helmer and her life looks rosy now that her husband has been made manager of the local bank. But suddenly her world threatens to collapse around her when threatened with blackmail for an earlier indiscretion and the scales fall from her eyes as she realises women are only very second-class citizens. George Bernard Shaw wrote: ‘When Nora slams the front door shut behind her, that sound reverberated throughout the whole world.’

There will be a play-reading a few days before (see below) so acting scripts will not be available until after that date, however you can download a pdf copy here: SCRIPT
If you would like to know more please email/call me (details below).

CAST OF CHARACTERS (all ages are relative)

Naïve and, initially, immature in her view of life. Dotes on her husband and her children. Enjoys her position in society and relishes the prospect of improving it still further – but also harbours a deep secret that threatens her safe and secure existence should it become known.  Age 30+.


A successful lawyer now on the cusp of a major advancement of his career path as head of the local bank. Sees everything from his own perspective and looks upon his young wife as a 'possession’, oblivious of the desperate actions she has taken to secure his recovery from a very dangerous illness.  Age 40+.


Affable but, at the same time, deeply cynical – and with good cause. Unmissable friend of the family who suffered much as a result of his father’s excesses and who nurture’s a secret passion while contemplating his own impending demise.  Age 50+.

KRISTINE LINDE An older friend of Nora’s pre-marriage days when Nora was still living at home with her ailing father. Kristine is now a widow after a loveless and childless marriage, newly in town to map out a new life for herself. Her difficult past has opened her eyes to the downside of life in contrast with Nora’s cosseted existence. Age 40+.

An old contemporary of Torvald whose struggle to assert himself socially has caused him to commit major indiscretions which, combined with an unhappy marriage and heavy burdens represented by his now motherless children, have served to make him bitter. His hard-won partial social redemption is under threat and prompts him towards extreme measures aimed at self-preservation. Age 40+.

ANNE MARIE A genial and warm-hearted woman who surrendered her illegitimate daughter so that she could a better, secure life. Almost a mother figure for Nora in whose hands the children are totally safe.  The part will be conflated with that of the maid, Helene. Age 50+.

If you are interested but unable to attend the audition date, please contact me so that I can arrange an alternative. If you are able to help behind the scenes, I would also be very pleased to hear from you.

Nora & Helmer

Act I page 1.
Helmer: Is that a squirrel rummaging about out there… 
Nora: …Isn’t that being very sensible, eh? (page 2)

Act III page 32
Helmer: What are you doing in there?...
Nora: … And that is why I am leaving you now.  (page 34)

Krogstad & Nora

Act I page 11
Krogstad:  ‘When your husband was ill…
Nora:  It was I who wrote Pappa’s name. (page 12)

Kristine & Krogstad

Act II page 26
Krogstad:  I found a note from you at home…
Kristine:  …Give me someone ad something to work for. Will you, Nils?   (page 27)

Nora & Anne Marie
NB. Anne Marie will be conflated with the maid Helene

Act II page 15
Anne-Marie:  There, I finally found the box.
Anne-Marie: …. Half as pretty as Miss Nora

Nora & Rank

Act II page 20.
Rank:  ‘When I am sitting here with you like this….
Nora:   …and others you would almost prefer to be together with.’ (page 21)

Nora & Kristine

Act I page 5
Nora:   Is it really true that you didn’t like your husband?.... Page 5
Nora: ..Is was the one who saved Torvald’s life.’   Page 6


Rehearsals for this production will commence from June 2024

David Parton

TELEPHONE: 07714 726576



I have arranged a play reading evening specifically for those who are interested in coming along to read in or listen to A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen.

For more information about the play and the characters please see this audition page.
All who attend who want to read in will get an opportunity to do so.

I look forward to seeing you on that evening.
Thank you
David Parton