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The Management Committee

Seaford Little Theatre has a Management Committee of 14, consisting of Executive Officers appointed annually and other elected members, each serving two years. These positions are currently held as follows:

President (Life) Val Shepherd
Chairman Dennis Picott
Vice-Chairman TBA
Treasurer Margaret Kennedy
Secretary Mary Young
Membership Secretary Penny Cockell
Premises Manager Gill Watson
Public Relations Secretary Deborah Lade
Front Of House Manager Ray & Debbie Cox
Social Secretary Debbie Cox
Friend's Secretary Cicely Ridley
Additional Members

John Gibbins
Phil Jenner
Ian Baldwin
Ray Cox

The Production Committee

The Production Committee is nominated by the Management Committee and consists of various members who make recommendations on the selection of plays for future productions. These positions are currently held by:

Dennis Picott, Mary Young, Margaret Kennedy, John Gibbins, Sylvia Aston, Peter Barnes, Angie Wright




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