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The Seaford Little Theatre Workshop meets regularly on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm (except during performances) to build the sets for each forthcoming production. We have a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers who turn out throughout the year to help fabricate the illusion which is the foundation for every production, and we are always happy to see willing, eager, new faces, ready to wield a paintbrush or handle a screwdriver.

Set building can be a very sociable and satisfying introduction into the world of the theatre, as the finished product gradually takes shape and helps to provide the backdrop for the play that will eventually be performed.

Cemetery Club Set 2013The sets themselves can be elaborate and detailed, with backdrops and scenery to create another country or period in time, or plain and simple, with just enough to provide the bare minimum needed for the action to take place.

Either way each new production provides a fresh challenge for the workshop crew to take on and create from scratch to the highest possible standard.

So if we have roused your interest and you think you would like to join in and lend a hand in helping to bring our productions to life, please feel free to pop along any Wednesday and meet the workshop crew and see what's involved for yourself.

Alternatively you can email us for further details on

Click here to see the workshop
in some sort of action ...

And below are some photo albums showing a few of the sets we have produced over the years. Just click on the images to view a pop out display. Navigate through the pictures by hovering over them with the mouse and clicking the appropriate button or, if you prefer, by using the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

The Steel Magnolias Set The Funny Money Set  
Steel Magnolias
Funny Money
The Wooden Dish Set Relative Values Set Nightmare Set
The Wooden Dish
Relative Values
Portrait Of Murder Set When We Are Married Set Humble Boy Set
Portrait Of Murder
When We Are Married
Humble Boy
Death In High Heels Set Equally Divided Set Time & Time Again Set
Death In High Heels
Equally Divided
Time And Time Again
The Titfield Thunderbolt Set The Cemetery Club Set Pack Of Lies set
Titfield Thunderbolt
Cemetery Club
Pack Of Lies
Seaford Live Sets Hobsons Choice Set Straight & Narrow Set
Seaford Live Hobson's Choice
Straight & Narrow


Humble Boy Initial Set Design

Initial set design for Humble Boy using SketchUp (click for larger image)


Poster Design




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