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The Little Theatre season runs from January to December and we normally put on four plays each year. Below are the dates and brief details of our forthcoming productions. To see details of our latest play click here

Programme for 2022


by Noel Coward

directed by Mike Truman

In Private Lives, passion, laughter, romance, anger, and love set the stage for a battle of the sexes as divorced couple, Amanda and Elyot, find themselves unwittingly thrown together in Coward’s classic comedy of manners. Unknowingly booking adjoining rooms while on honeymoon with their respective spouses, Victor and Sybil, Amanda and Elyot are forced to face their true feelings for each other. Having fled to Paris and despite their passion for each other, Amanda and Elyot begin to bicker violently, just as they had done during their marriage. It is clear that the couple cannot live with each other, but cannot live without each other either. Fast-paced, witty, and passionate, Noel Coward’s comedy classic is a delightful 1930’s romp.

10 - 18 JUNE

by Derek benfield

directed by Sharon Olieff

Two shady characters called Harold Spooks find themselves in the same prison. One is sprung so he can lead his dodgy ‘friends’ to the loot he managed to stash away before starting his sentence. A mix-up of identities means that the wrong man finds himself in a hotel outside the prison walls and obliged to lead his rescuers to the money. Chaos ensues, compounded by the arrival of Harold Spooks’ girlfriend – no, not the Harold Spooks staying in the hotel … the other one! A hilarious evening is promised.


By Peter Quilter

Directed By Trish Richings

A feel-good, romantic, nostalgic play about off-stage theatrical life in the 1950s, with a wonderful couple of old Music Hall troupers heading an engaging family of performers. Jack (a cabaret star) is thrown into confusion by the sudden arrival of his eccentric parents who promise they’ll be gone by Christmas - trouble is, it’s only January the 7th!
Peter Quilter started his career as a BBC television presenter and is the author of Glorious!, the West End play about the unfortunate amateur opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins.


By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed By Garry Fowler

One of Ayckbourn’s best loved plays and a terrific choice for our Christmas production. Set in an average suburban house this is the tale of the night before Christmas - when various house guests arrive - and the subsequent three days. Never was the old saying more true: “Visitors are like fish. After three days they begin to smell!” The Christmas Eve debacle leads on to more resentments and difficulties as lives are unpicked in the most brilliant, insightful way. A really great start to your festivities.

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